Here is a list of tips and tricks you can play with Samsung Galaxy Note 5. You may use it as a reference which will lead you to more detailed tutorial.

As promised in introductory post, we’re here with a comprehensive list of tips, tricks and useful tutorials for Samsung Galaxy Note 5. For your convenience, these tutorials are listed below.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Tips n Tricks List

Just have a look if you want to know what is possible in Note 5. Click the link (if available, and it would be) for details and learn how to do that yourself.

List of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Tips and Tricks

Part 1: Taking Screenshot

  • How to take a screenshot?

Part 2: Wireless and Wall Charger – Introduction and comparison

  • Make use of wireless charger to charge with comfort.
  • Charge faster with wall charger to save your time.


  • Get rid of notifications and have peace of mind with ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature.
  • How to reboot phone without removing battery? Soft Reset can do this for you!
  • Get maximum possible time of your phone battery with Ultra power-saving mode.
  • Enable Easy Mode if you are not familiar with so much options in Android OS.
  • Now you can use Note 5 with one hand rather than using both hands. One-Handed Operation feature is designed this purpose.
  • Take notes when screen is off.
  • Use your favorite apps from anywhere using shortcuts.
  • Take screenshot of long pages with scroll capture.
  • S Pen feature to see more by hovering over items.
  • Select text with single push of button.
  • Set S Pen Alerts ON will make it always available for you on screen.
  • Keep your screen ON until you’re watching on screen. No more annoying screen punches when it turns off while you read.
  • Get notified with a vibrate alert for missed calls or unread messages when you pick your phone up.

More Tips and Tricks of Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Please stay tuned for more tips and tricks of Samsung Galaxy Note 5. This list will be updated as soon as new features are disclosed.


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