Google is about to release its new version of Android i.e Android 5.0, and without any shock, Google has maintained the flow of naming its versions of Android after food items and this time, its “Lollypop”.

Android Lollypop 5.0
Android Lollypop 5.0

Earlier to this Google Called it Android “L”:

Before the announcement of Android version in Google Nexus 9, Google concealed the name of official 5.0 version of Android but now with the releasing Tablet Nexus 9 that will be shipped along with Android Lollypop, Google revealed the code name.

But now its official: The new name of Android 5.0 will be Lollypop

Some New Features of Android Lollypop:

  • New notifications system that appears on the lockscreen
  • A battery management system that will can extend your battery by up to 90 minutes
  • Support for multiple separate users on one device is coming to phones
  • New ART system runtime (replaced by DALVIK)

Were you waiting for this version of Android???


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