Hyundai Blue Link app enables you to start engine, lock/unlock doors, horn, flash lights and locate your vehicles from your Android Wear device. Voice commands supported.

Have you ever desired to control your car right from your wrist device? Yeah, it’s not a wonder anymore as performing different tasks like flashing lights, locking and unlocking doors, honking horns remotely are possible with small key chain devices. Such devices are usually manufactured and programmed by the car maker company and could not be updated, at least like an app that you can install or update yourself from authorized vendor or website. But those days seem to vanish, though not very soon, but in near future.

Hyundai claimed at the start of this year that it will introduce some sort of app that will make your car controlled from an Android Wear device, and this feature was announced to be added in Hyundai’s Blue Link app at Google Play Store. Car owners were so excited for such an innovation that could make their driving experience even more graceful and luxurious.


hyndai blue link app overviewDear Hyundai vehicle owner, the wait is over! Now you can use your wrist gadget to remotely start your car engines, lock/unlock doors, flash lights, horns and locate your cars. Not only this, but you can do these tasks by using voice commands. However, the users will have to use technical terms, but not that much complicated than the comfort of such a flexible app, is it? Of course it’s not!

What’s New in Hyundai Blue Link App?

Hyundai Blue Link Android App embraces the following new features:

  • Blue Link Android Wear Smartwatch Compatible (Hyundai wrist devices)
  • Revised and updated Terms and Conditions.
  • Improved flexibility of functions.
  • Slight improvements and bug fixes.

Supported Devices

The Android Wear features would be updated in all Hyundai Blue Link-equipped vehicles including 2012 Sonata and newer models.


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