Forgot your Samsung Galaxy S6 lock screen password? Here is how to recover Galaxy S6 forgotten password via Google Account or Samsung Find My Mobile service.

We forget many things in our daily lives, especially if we don’t write about them on a paper or digital media. Human memory is an amazing place to memorize and recall almost any thing. But sometimes, memorized things are slipped away and we can’t recall them, even after struggling hours and hours with no success.

To forget means to lose, simple. But thanks to the technology that has made things easier for us. Now losing security password of your mobile will not snatch your mobile from you. Samsung allows you to recover your lost or forgotten password by following some procedure.

Recover Galaxy S6 Lockscreen Password Google Account

The two possible ways to recover your Galaxy S6 forgotten passcode are:

  1. Unlock/Recover via your Google Account
  2. Unlock with Samsung Find My Mobile

You’ll need to go through some simple steps in order to unlock the password of your S6 mobile.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 Lock Screen Password with Google Account

On lock screen, if you enter a wrong password, PIN, fingerprint, pattern or any other available option several times, your device will ask you to enter your Google Account credentials (email address and password) in order to unlock your Galaxy S6 phone.

If you’ve set two-step verification to login to your Google Account, then you’ll need to visit Google’s security website from you PC. Google’s security site will allows you to generate a one time password that will be used to enter on your phone.

Recover Lockscreen Password Galaxy S6 Samsung

If worse comes to worst and you neither remember your Samsung S6 lockscreen password nor Google Account password, you’ll have probably no way out. If it happens, you’re advised to visit company vendor where you purchased your phone or any support branch of Samsung.

Unlock Galaxy S6 Lockscreen Password with Samsung Find My Mobile

Forgotten password can also be recovered by using Samsung Find My Mobile service. This is a remote device management service that helps Samsung phone users in various ways.

Before you start, you must have a registered Samsung account, the account you registered when your first set up your device to start working.

On your PC, visit Samsung Find My Mobile site and log in using your Samsung Account credentials (email/username and password).

After login, click Unlock my Device on left pane.

The website will communicate with your device and your phone will be unlocked after confirmation.

Did it help you?

Above two methods are the best and tested ways to unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 lock screen forgotten password. If you know a better method or face problems to unlock your phone, feel free to put your problems in a box (comments box) to get a solution.


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