With usage, Chrome for Android starts becoming slow. Here are tweaks to speed up Google Chrome for Android.

Unless you’ve living in far beyond area of Safari (forest), you must have known that Chrome and Android belong to same company, Google. That’s why Chrome has become default web browser on Android OS.

Belonging the browser to same OS developer company doesn’t assure that the browser will be touching the peaks performance. Why? Look at Windows OS and Internet Explorer browser. Both of these belong to Microsoft, yet IE is probably one of most frustrating web browser ever, whether it be speed, ease of use or anything. You’ll find IE far behind Mozilla Firefox and Chrome. Sorry IE fans if it hurts you : )

Anyhow, Chrome is still the champion on Android, and desktop as well. It deserves to be the best browser because of its speed, security and ease of use. Out of these features, most of Internet surfers like Chrome only for its fast speed. But with excessive usage or even less usage for long time, Chrome starts becoming sluggish and starts bothering you during browsing. It loses its speed too, the most prominent feature of it. So you have two ways to get rid of poor performance:

  1. Remove Chrome and install Mozilla Firefox for Android (the best alternative).
  2. Tweak Chrome to make it fast.

We’ll address second option here, tweaking Chrome on Android.

Here are some tips that can help you boost your Chrome browser.

Speed up Chrome Android

Clear the Cache

Clearing cache gives you more free disk space and faster browsing experience. It releases the browser from extra burden. The result will be more free space for browsing.

How to Clear Cache on Chrome?

  1. Go to device Settings app
  2. Find Chrome in the list
  3. Scroll down a bit and you’ll find the Clear Cache button. Tap the button.
  4. Restart the browser.

NOTE: Clearing cache may result in loss of saved passwords and form information. So you will need to log in again to websites/forums again.

Allocate more Memory to Chrome

Allocating more memory to Chrome can have a direct affect on performance and speed.

How to Allocate more Memory?

  1. Type the following string in browser address bar and tap on Go button.


  2. Allocate appropriate memory size to Chrome.
  3. Tap Relaunch.

Use Data Saver Service

Data Saver feature is actually Google’s service that compresses data before sending it to you. It can save you many bucks if you use a data usage plan.

How to Enable Data Saver Feature?

  1. Go to app menu
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Turn on Data Saver.

Disable JavaScript

Disabling JavaScript can be helpful to load pages faster. But it may result in losing some content or functionality on some websites that are heavily built using JavaScript. So you’ll have to spend some minutes to experience its effect on your favorite websites.

How to Disable JavaScript?

  1. Go to Settings/Site Settings
  2. Uncheck the checkbox of JavaScript.

Disable/Remove Unwanted Extensions

Some extensions can directly impact the performance of web browser. If you have a bunch of extensions installed, try disabling or removing those extensions that you don’t need. You’ll notice a boost in performance of Chrome and less strain on processor and memory of your Android device.


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