Taking screenshots with your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 could be handy skill for fun and business requirements. Learn 2 methods to capture screen on Galaxy Note 5.

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Why Screenshots Feature is Useful?

Images have always been the best method to depict anything whether it may be an idea, thought or teaching. A good image is considered better than thousands of words.

Almost every user who uses smartphone beyond the basic needs of making calls and sometimes text messages, would have feel the need of taking screenshot of their phone screen. Especially technology blog authors and technicians extensively use this feature.

Galaxy Note 5 is ready to take Screenshots

Well, no boasts here. Taking screenshots is not a nightmare and almost all Samsung smartphone devices can perform this function without any issue. However, as mentioned above, the method may differ from device to device. That’s why people get surprised how to capture screenshots in Note 5?

How to Capture Screenshots with Galaxy Note 5?

Taking screenshots method is almost same in all Samsung mobile devices. Sometimes it differs in some special models of devices with different operating system or technical specification may demand different technique for this feature. However,

Method 1

Press and hold Power and Home buttons together for a while and you’ll have a screenshot captured of current opened screen.

Method 2

This method seems more reliable and stylish too. Just swipe your palm across the entire screen and the screenshot will be captured.

If this method doesn’t work for you initially, then you’ll have to configure this feature in Settings > Motions and Gestures.  There you’ll find an option to enable this feature.

Screenshots Folder in Galaxy Note 5

Captured screenshots appear in notification bar. You can access these images as well as edit and share with anyone or anywhere you wish.


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