How do you decide best Android Apps in 2015? Apps rating or popular apps can be misleading. Here you can check our collection of 2015 best Android apps.

How do you decide the best apps for Android? May be checking best apps rating at Google Play Store? Chances are you’ll end up most of really nice apps and some of them will not be so good. You might wonder who stupids rated those apps?

Well, nobody can be stupid. It’s all about personal preferences. It’s true that some app developing companies may hire people or persuade them to rate their app with 5 stars. So the results can be misleading.

Here we’ve picked some great apps based on public popularity in real life. Hopefully you’ll like some of these.

best Android apps 2015 collection

Top Android Apps 2015 Collection

Clean Master

One of the most favorite Android App in 2015. It is not only cleans up junk files from Android but also tweaks the phone for faster performance. CCleaner is a strong competitor now yet Clean Master has a huge number of fans.

CM Security Applock Antivirus

A reliable antivirus suite for Android mobiles. It saves the device from a huge variety of malware and other security threats. It’s a must have app if you keep sensitive data in your mobile device.

ES File Explorer File Manager

ES File Explorer File Manager is a better replacement of native file explorer. It makes the files and folders navigation a lot easier with more powerful options.

DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver is the most popular battery saver app for Android that monitors power consuming apps and processes running in background.

MS Office Mobile

Microsoft Office mobile version, a powerful and versatile edition of Office from Microsoft. It gives you more power and ease to handle office documents right inside your mobile.


AirDroid brings you out from old traditional USB to PC connectivity age. It is a data transfer app that enables data transfer from PC to Android device without using data transfer cable.

Appy Geek

Appy Geek is a technology news app for tech lovers. It keeps you updated with latest technology news all around the world.


As the name suggests, this app is used to read news all around the world. The special feature of this app is news aggregation, which fetches news of your interest from a all over the blogs and news websites.

Adobe Reader

A PDF reader from Adobe. This is a very popular app to read PDF on Android.

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We’ve picked some great apps based on their usability and popularity. We’ve tried to judge them according to their real value, not the apparent ratings. How well you like this list, you’ll decide this after examining this list and tell us how you rate our collection out of 10 points.


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