BlackBerry announced BBM update for Android wear, Paid subscription for Ad-Free experience and a few more features.

BlackBerry has been working hard to survive and promote its messenger BBM on multiple platforms. A few days back, BBM for Android launched on Amazon Appstore. This was a sigh of relief for BBM fans who do not have direct access to Google Play Store. Such users can get BlackBerry instant messenger from Amazon app store.

That’s not enough for now, BlackBerry is keen serious about spreading its messenger to modern wearable devices as well. These days, when everybody is crazy to talk about Samsung and HTC modern phones, BlackBerry has realized this and working hard to roll out a new version update of BBM for Android devices. The company has also announced that this update of messenger will be Android Wear supported. Other new features are still to be discovered.

BBM for Android on Amazon AppstoreBBM for Android Features (updated)

Here is a short list of BBM’s promised features in this update:

  • Android Wear Support
  • Ad-Free subscription (monthly payment to remove ads)
  • Custom PIN subscription
  • Share Photos in group chat

BBM Android Wear support will enable you to read and reply to messages of your contacts in just a few swipes, right from your wrist device (Android watch). Photo sharing in a group chat will be available to send and see pictures. It will be free support and will not charge any additional fees.

Unlike Google Hangouts or Facebook messenger, BlackBerry doesn’t seem to be so generous to offer all features in BBM for free. The free version is ad-supported, you’ll have to subscribe to ad-free version for $0.99 per month. Yes, you heard it right, a monthly subscription only for having the ads removed from BBM chat screen.

In you want a custom BBM PIN, you can have this for $1.99 per month. BBN PINs are a string of random characters that can be used to add someone to contact list. You can send this PIN to add someone to your contacts list. It looks like Firefox Hello! add contact, a string of random character that you send by email or instant message to the other person to add you or call you. However, in case of custom BBM PIN, you can have the PIN string less complicated, but you still have to pass through and follow essential security rules.

BlackBerry want your money to use BBM. Paid messenger is not a wonder, as WhatsApp, Viber and some other services demand monthly or yearly subscription. But their charges are very low as compared to BBM.


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