A fake shutdown animation cheats the user while the malware continues to take over the device operations. Phone screen goes dark and the device feels inactive, but actually, it’s capable to perform processes silently.

AVG has detected a strange bit of malware affecting Android devices that was caught interfering the device shutdown process. It makes the device apparently turned off but the mobile phone still remains active. Surely it could open the backdoor for the hacker to jump into your device and steal almost any secret information while you’re totally unaware of what’s happening inside your device.

The user is not alerted or even finds a clue of any hidden activity, ranging from accessing call records and making calls to using the device’s camera to take pictures or record videos illegally.

Android Malware Triggers the Shutdown Sequence

When the device is powered off by long pressing the power management button, a malicious program will display a fake shut down animation. The screen is turned off and the device appears totally inactive, as it’s turned off, but it’s not.

Android Malware Gets Root Access

In Android Lollipop, the power button has limited functionality as compared to prior versions. It simply turns off the device.

While in previous versions, the power button can perform a variety of tasks including toggling vibration or silent mode and airplane mode.

In either case, the Android version does not matter for that malware as the shutdown sequence is the same for all versions.

Android devices malware fake shutdown


How to Save Your Android Device from Fake Shutdown Malware?

AVG researchers and experts have suggested users to remove the battery for a safe turn off. It will make sure that the shutdown process has finished and the process is not spoofed. However, removing battery is not possible for all devices as some devices come with built-in batteries. In this scenario, an alternative and reliable option is to install an efficient mobile antivirus or some security suite that could detect and prevent such malware to interfere the shutdown process of your Android device.


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