BlackBerry’s instant messenger service has launched on Amazon Appstore. The latest version of BMM includes Message Retraction, Timed Messages and more security options.

BBM is available on almost all major mobile platforms, including Google Play Store (Android), App Store, BlackBerry World and Windows Phone Store. Users can login to their relevant store and download the latest version.

BBM on Amazon Appstore is a good news for those Android device users who do not have direct access to Google Play Store, especially in China and some other countries. Some countries block some or all Google services due to privacy or specific reasons. Such users make use of third party apps to download and install BBM for Android or other apps from Google Play Store.

BBM for Android on Amazon Appstore

BBM seems to capture as many platforms as possible. That’s why company is porting BlackBerry messenger to all major mobile stores as well as on popular third party appstores.

All you Android BBMers out there: the latest BBM for Android is now available on the Amazon Appstore. The Amazon Appstore is both a website and accompanying app that connects Android users to all the great movies, games, and apps on Amazon.

As part of the monetization plan for BBM, we’re growing our user base with a cross-platform strategy, expanding BBM beyond the BlackBerry operating system and bringing Android, iOS, and Windows Phone users into (and back to) the fold.

Now Android users can get their BBM updates through Google Play or the Amazon Appstore.

If you haven’t updated recently, do it now to take advantage of all the new features, apps, stickers, games, music, and other services.

BlackBerry Official Blog

Availability of BBM on Amazon Appstore is purposed for such users who can’t download BBM from Google Play Store due to some restrictions. BlackBerry will officially update this app to the latest version.

What’s New in BBM Latest Version?

Some users prefer to use Amazon Appstore to download apps and games on their Android devices. The thought behind this choice is better privacy, trust and control options of Amazon. But that’s not all, this store has the latest version packed with a bunch of entertainment and security features including message retraction, timed message and shop.

Message Retraction

Message retraction is a useful option to undo sent message via BBM. It lets BlackBerry messenger users to retract a message that was sent accidently to a wrong recipient. Reason in not important as it might be something other than mere wrongly sent message, the power of this feature matters. Once the message is retracted, the recipient will not be able to see that message, instead, a “message retracted” notice will be displayed.

Timed Messages

Timed message is another interesting yet a handy privacy feature. It allows BBM users to impose a time limit for the message or multimedia content to be visible on the recipient’s screen. After the allowed time finished, the contact will no longer be able to see that content (text or photo).

BBM Shop

BlackBerry messenger app is also armed with BBM Shop, a virtual place where users can view and download interesting new stickers for BlackBerry Messenger BBM, apps, games and other entertainment stuff.

Prefer BBM from Amazon Appstore to Third-Party Stores

Users who have been using third party app stores to download BlackBerry instant messenger are strongly recommended to prefer BBM download from Amazon Appstore. However, such users have exception who are not restricted to use Google Play Store or their device’s relevant app store. They can use the official platform to download most recent version of BBM for their device.


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