A few days back, WhatsApp for Desktop PC appeared on the Internet world. This official release has been awaited for long times. Such an app was already expected as per official announcement from the WhatsApp.

As soon as the desktop edition of WhatsApp released, people were so excited to try it out. A lot of people tested it out on their desktop devices. Some got it working seamlessly while a majority of users is still facing confusions and problems to make this app work for them.

A lot of questions arise in public, some were spoken while others couldn’t find a way to transform into meaningful words.

This article is dedicated to all such users who are so much excited to test WhatsApp on their desktop devices but got stuck. We hope after reading this guide, you’ll overcome all you need to know what’s working and what’s not with WhatsApp Desktop edition.

WhatsApp for PC vs Viber

Viber for desktop was released on May 2013 with a feature named ViberOut. Viber for desktop is a standalone application software that can be downloaded and installed on PCs. Users were expecting something same for WhatsApp desktop version.

But both of these apps have not the same approach for desktop editions. Here is a brief description of similarity and difference between Viber and WhatsApp.


Viber for desktop has its own client that runs as a standalone application on PC. It can be installed on PC and works like a messenger, just like Yahoo messenger or Skype.

WhatsApp for desktop lacks this feature yet. It doesn’t have a separate installable application, rather it sits in Google Chrome browser to establish desktop conversation. In the scenario of similarity, it resembles to Google Hangouts, as it depends on the web browser on desktop platforms.


The one major similarity in the desktop editions of Viber and WhatsApp is the prerequisite of Android device. You must have a separate Android device to access desktop editions of WhatsApp and Viber. Actually, this is a dark side of these both applications. Skype is constantly beating them for this feature.

Where to Access WhatsApp for Desktop?

Obviously, it works on desktop screens, including Windows and Linux. Actually, it runs on the behalf of a web browser (Google Chrome). You need a PC (laptop or desktop) and a web browser to get started.

Do All Mobile Devices are Supported?

Unfortunately, iOS users can not avail WhatsApp on desktop. While Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Nokia Symbian (S60) devices enjoy this fantastic feature. iOS users shouldn’t lose their hearts, hopefully their devices will get this capability too.

Can I Use Any Web Browser?

Another unfortunate for Chrome haters! Currently, Firefox or any other browser like Opera or Internet Explorer are not able to access WhatsApp for PC in their browsers.

Here is a screenshot WhatsApp web on Firefox web browser:

WhatsApp on Firefox and other browsers

Like it or not, but you are restricted to install Google Chrome to access WhatsApp on your desktop device. That’s really strange, but no subway for this, at least in this moment.

NOTE: If you really hate Chrome and don’t want to install it on your desktop operating system, use Chrome portable edition. It is not installed on your machine. You just need to extract the folder and start Chrome launcher whenever needed.

What Version of WhatsApp is supported?

You need to update your current WhatsApp app on your mobile device. Pick your mobile device, go to Google Play Store and update the app. The older versions will not be able to connect to desktop.

QR Code scan

QR code is displayed when you open WhatsApp web on your desktop browser. It needs to be scanned via your mobile device. Phone number or any other verification methods are not applicable yet.

scan QR code from phone

Once the QR code is scanned, you’ll be signed in to PC your mobile account will be synched with the web browser.

Any Alternative Method to Sign-in other than QR Code?

Alas! No, not this moment. You must have WhatsApp registered account (Free or Paid) to start desktop connectivity. Only installed app without registering an account is not the choice.

Where to Download WhatsApp Application for Desktop?

You don’t need to download or install WhatsApp desktop application, as there is no such an application released yet. This is a web based service by using web browser and mobile app.

Is Internet connection needed?

Of course, it’s needed. Both of your devices (mobile and desktop) should be connected to the Internet. A fairly high speed connection is recommended in case of high quality voice and video calls.

Want to Know Anything Else?

These are some of the most confusing queries that are simplified for the sake of better understanding of usage. If you have any other question for which you can’t find solutions in this article, do ask us, without any hesitation. Be assured you’ll be answered as soon as possible. Good Luck.


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