Becoming a really successful app developer is not an easy task. It requires a lot of determination. The basic need for designing a nice app is a nice idea. The more strong, attractive and innovative is your idea, the more strong is your final product.

The idea and design might depend on the platform you are using as an app developer. If you are using android you have less deeper access but more vast compatibility, and if you are using iOS it has some good and bad aspects, but the most you should follow is to give your best to it, whether it is Android or iOS or any other platform.

The common operating systems used in mobile app development are:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Blackberry
  • Windows

and many more…

Mobile App Development is so vast that the more one delves into it, the more he sees of it. So in other words, it is an ever evolving field.

app-developerThere are thousands of companies in the market and every one is in a race to be first it sometimes become very difficult for an app developer to become a successful app developer.

5 Best Tips to become a Successful App Developer:

So I decided to choose some best 5 tips that would really help you to become a successful app developer. Successful app developer is the one who spends least time and creates the best product and also delivers it to the relevant audience in least time.

1. Be Very Very Sure about the Function(s) of your app:

It is very important to know what exactly your app is going to do. Do not excuse your app with many in one functionalities. Try to be more and more precise on a single functionality.

For example if you are designing a media player for Android, give your best to media player, rather than adding more functionalities such as image editor etc. Good app developers do not  indulge them in many functionalities.

2. Establish a Uniqueness:

The more you copy from someone’s app, the more you decrease your rating. So try to create something unique, something new that really get peoples’ attention.

3. Use OS Capabilities Rightly:

You must be truly familiar with what could and to what extend can your OS can do. If you are using Android, you must be familiar with user-level and kernel level functionalities and concepts such as OOP so that you may extract best out of the OS.

You really need to work on Operating System capabilities before you start making your app to become a successful app developer.

4. Analyze competitive apps:

If you are designing an app whose similar version has already created by someone else before, you must analyze its performance and functions and point out and solve if there are any bugs / problems in the app. A good app developer always analyzes the markets before he starts developing.

5. Provide security and support:

An insecure app with no user-support is the last thing a customer can expect. So always give 100% security of user’s account data and other credentials. Give the support to the user about any failure or flaw. If you can not provide home support, at least you should provide online support so that users trust you and prefer to buy your apps.

Your Views are Valuable!

That was all from my side. I would also like to hear from you. How you feel about app development??? What are your ideas in becoming a successful app developer???

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