5 Best Android Apps for Ramadan 2014

5 Best Android Apps for Ramadan 2014

Ramadan (رمضان) is a sacred month for Muslims throughout the world because of the following two reasons.

  • Quran, the holy book of Muslims was revealed in this month.
  • There is a night in this month called “laila tul qadr” or (لیلۃ القدر) whose one night worship is actually equal to the worship of one thousand months.

So due to these reasons, Ramadan is very important for Muslims as far as worship is concerned. And many people look for some Best Android Apps which might sort of help them out during their worships.
So, I’ve collected here 5 Best Android Apps that might be very much helpful to you in Ramadan 2013. So lets proceed to list of Android apps.

5 Best Android Apps in Ramadan 2014:

So lets proceed to the list of 5 Best Android apps for using in Ramadan 2013 so that your Ramadan in 2013 might be more:

  • Worshiping
  • Punctual
  • Entertaining
  • and Loving ALLAH and Prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم) more and more.
#1: Ramadan Kit 2014:
Ramadan Kit 2013(www.technodoze.com)

It is a complete app for Ramadan 2014, It has Tasbeeh, Ramadan related Duas and Ramadan 2014 / Ramazan 2014 Calendar.

They are adding countries for the Ramadan Calendar on daily basis.
It’s been developed by Pakistanis and at present it has only Pakistani calendar in it. But stay tuned as this app will be updated regularly with new countries.
Have a look at some of the screenshots of this amazing Ramadan 2014 Android app:
Ramadan Kit 2013 (www.technodoze.com)
Ramadan 2014 Kit

You can download this app on your Android device by searching on Google play for “Ramadan 2013 Kit with Calendar” or by just clicking here.

#2: Ramadan Duas:

This is another very good and one of the best android app to use in Ramadan 2013 as you will know after reading its features.

Ramadan Duas (www.Technodoze.com)


Ramadan Duas is a simple application which has essential duas we Muslims read during Ramadan.


Simple and Easy

Battery Saving

Application contains

Fasting Niyyat (Dua e Sehri)

Fast Breaking (Dua e Iftar )

Tarawih Dua

First Ashra Dua (1)

Second Ashra Dua (2)

Third Ashra Dua (3)

Have a simple look at its screen:

Ramadan Duas (www.Technodoze.com)

You can download this app on your Android device by searching on Google play for “Ramadan Duas” or by just clicking here.

#3: Ramadan Greetings:

This Android app available on the app store contains very eye catching and heart touching Greeting cards for Ramadan 2014 and Eid 2014 so you could easily and freely download this android app which stands at #3 in 5 Best Android apps in Ramadan 2013.

So download this app and send beautiful Greeting cards to your loved ones easily through this app.

You can download this app on your Android device by searching on Google play for “Ramadan Greetings” or by just clicking here.

#4: Ramadan Timings 2014 (Fasting):


This app works in all over the world.

Ramadan Timings 2013 (www.technodoze.com)
Ramadan Timings 2013

Ramadan Time Table for Ramadan 2014 which lets you know ramadan 2014 sehr and iftar timings.

Places Where it Works:

App works in all cities of US, UK, India, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Europe, United Arab Emirates, Dubai etc and gives local time of seher o iftar.

For example for London it will show different time and for New york it will show different time, for Oslo it will show different time and for New Dehli it will show different time.

Ramadan Timings 2013 (Fasting) app works in all major countries including USA, UK, UAE, Canada, France, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Germany, England, Australia, India, South Africa, China etc and cities New York, London, Manchester, Ontario, New-lands, Birmingham, Toronto, Victoria, Ottawa, Los Angeles, Austin, New Delhi, Banglore, Mumbai, Islamabad, Karachi.

This app stands at #4 in 5 Best Android Apps in Ramadan 2013 list created by technodoze.com and could be downloaded free by going here.

#5: Ramadan is Here:

App Details:

‘Ramadan is Here’ is an app covering various topics for Muslims and non-muslims which include Inner Secrets of Fasting, A Reminder of Unity and important lessons from Ramadan

A downloads section is implemented so you can download pdf or MP3 audio covering topics of Approach to Ramadan, Studying the Quran, Staying Steadfast and Preparation for Ramadan.

Installation Details

The app will install to a SD Card.

This app stands at #5 in 5 Best Android Apps in Ramadan 2013 list created by technodoze.com and could be downloaded free by going here.

Hope You will Like:

So dear viewer! I have collected for you some great android apps from thousand of them so that they may help you in building up your spiritual power in Ramadan 2013. Thats all I had from 5 Best Android Apps in Ramadan 2013 and now I want اجازت.

So, enjoy your worshiping in Ramadan 2014 and don’t forget one thing, i.e. Remember me also in your prayers and Allah Hafiz from my side now.

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