Android VoIP (voice over internet protocol) apps have become widely popular due to their affordability and convenience. No longer do people need to spend hundreds of dollars per month to make phone calls to loved ones overseas.
With so many VoIP apps for Android, the following are excellent choices regardless of how often you need to call your loved ones.

1. Skype:
Skype for Android
Skype for Android

Skype is by far one of the best VoIP apps for Android.

Users can make free video calls to people overseas when they are connected to a wireless network and can send text messages for low prices to other people who use Android-based smartphones.

The Skype app has an easy-to-use interface that includes sections for contacts, recent calls, profiles and messages. Voice mail and caller ID are also available for a low price.

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2. Line2:

Line2 is the perfect app for users who are looking for separate lines on their Android phone.

Line 2 VoIP for Android
Line2, courtesy: toktumi

This app has been touted as a wonderful replacement for home phone service because it keeps your cell phone number private if your trying to make a call.

Users can choose between 3G, 4G or wireless internet services and are offered the option to pay an extra fee for voice mail and call conferencing. Calls that occur between customers in Canada and the United States are free of charge. Unlike other similar VoIP applications, Line2 provides twenty-four hour customer support to every subscriber.

3. Rebtel:

Rebtel is a U.S. based company that allows people to make international calls via their Android app for a small fee. Calls made to other Rebtel account holders are free, while calls to other countries can made for a minimal fee.

The Rebtel interface is one of the most user-friendly platforms of its kind. Customers can easily choose which person they want to call and place the call with one touch of a finger. Calls can also be made over wireless internet connections, and users won’t be cut off if the internet connection is lost at any time.

4. Fring:
Fring for Android

Fring for Android is becoming more and more popular every day. This special Android app is perfect for those who want an easy way to talk to their friends and family.

Fring offers users a variety of different options to choose from for chatting with their friends.

They can chat via 1-on-1 over a wireless internet connection, use the four-way video chat to connect with their friends or contact them using the Live-Texting feature that is only available through the Fring application.

All friends are listed clearly when you open the application and those that are not available are allowed to post an automatic reply to any requests for chat. This Android app works much like Yahoo Messenger does, except with better features and a higher quality video chat feature.

These is a Guest Post and is written by Jonny Grant, who is an expert on VoIP through his work with Packnet. Jonny has reviewed many of the leading VoIP services, giving him an insight into the leading consumer and business phone solutions.

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